Jun 29, 2010

Splish Splash!

Splish Splash on a Hot Summer Day
5 mins. to find sprinkler
10 minutes to set up sprinkler
5 minutes to dislodge balls from inside sprinkler that have been there for over a year
5 minutes for grandkids to slowly get wet
15 minutes of wet fun
10 seconds to say they've had enough are ready to take a bath!

The grandkids were up for the weekend and we had a blast. It was so hot Saturday that we pulled out the toy sprinkler and let the kids play. We figured this would give them at least an hour of so of fun and they could run off some energy, but it was over within 20 minutes after we got it set up. They were ready to go inside and take a bath! (Of course, my bathtub is as a big as pool--or so it seems to them).

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