May 26, 2011

Blue Angels

The Navy & Marine's Blue Angels team performed in the Lynchburg Airshow on May 21 & 22. They had an awesome show! Unfortunately, the second day's show was cut short about 10 mins. as the Angels did a lower than normal maneuver. They were told by their commanding officer to "knock it off" which basically means, stop the show and land now! After looking at someones video on YouTube, I do remember the exact moment that occurred but didn't realize that they had come dangerously close to the ground. They were btw 50 & 60 feet over the runway in a diamond formation! It could have been disasterous. The Angels are on a Safety Standdown right now and have canceled performances in MD this weekend. They are in FL working on safety and practicing so that that never happens again.

Blue Angels, my set on Flickr.

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